Useful Tips


The hearth is intended for burining wood only. The use of coal, gas oil, petrol, tyres and other easily-flammable substances is not permitted.
It is allowed to burn lignite blocks (not more than 10 pieces can be placed). It is preferable to use broad-leaved wood (oak, hornbeam, chestnut, beech-tree), dry, having maximum dampness of 20%. This means wood stored under a shed for 1 year.
Burning damp wood leads to bad combustion and early clogging with soot. In comparison: 1 kg wood having 20% dampness emits 4 kW energy when burning, while 1 kg fresh-cut wood having dampness of 70-80%, emits only 1 kW. The difference is to the detriment both of the environment and your wallet.
Do not burn household wastes, plastic, bottles, greasy products, cloth wet with fat, etc. which pollute the environment and may cause fire because of dirty and clogged-up chimney.