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The company is managed by Kiril Dikov

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    Name: Kiril Dikov
    Education: high
    Experience in the business: more than 20 years

photo Marmodom employs 40 full-time employees, qualified for the following activities:
  • cutting;
  • processing;
  • installation;
  • commercial - administrative service.

Marmodom has highly qualified staff for all lines of business it does. "The Commercial Department" is responsible for the timely deliveries, both from the suppliers and to the clients of the company. Each customer receives free professional advice, as well as demonstration of the real product at their desire. "The Production Department" manufactures the stone facings, observing the standards for high quality, approved by the company. The "Installation Department" provides precise preliminary measuring, specifies the exact place of installation and installs the articles after they are manufactured and delivered. The management of the company coordinates all these activities, maintains the good motivation and the spirit of fellowship among the staff, provides guidance and supervision. "We, at Marmodom, try to understand the client, not only to fulfill, but to anticipate their wishes and requirements. We constantly observe the market trends and plan our marketing behavior accordingly... Of course, all this is transformed in the light of our own beliefs and concepts..."