About Us

Products and services

Marmodom has specialized in two directions:

  • Whole facings and linings of buildings, bathrooms, tables, tops for hotel reception desks and kitchen units, steps, window sills, mantlepieces, barbecues and other stone articles
  • Complete solutions for fireplaces and central heating, wide range of different models of fireboxes, fireproof glasses, quality joining pipes, insulation, bars, etc.

If the client is interested in or makes an inquiry, one of our specialists visits the site where the fireplace or the stone facing will be installed . What follows is a consultation, measuring dimensions and planning the place, type and term of implementation. Our specialists will advise you where it will be most appropriate to place the fireplace, they help the client to choose the model and clarify additional aspects such as facings, accessories, etc.
Marmodom has modern measuring equipment – a digital protractor, laser measuring tapes, devices for measuring the drought of the chimney, etc. Upon a special request a 3-D visualization of the design can be made. Marmodom has available in stock all models of fireplaces, as well as ready-made /preliminary prepared / stone facing modules for the traditional and most often bought models. This allows exceptionally short terms for implementing the stone facings. What is more, if the client has chosen a standard type of stone facings, they can see what the facing selected will look like at the very moment the order is made.
The fireplaces Fonte Flamme, which Marmodom offers, have a 5-year guarantee. Marmodom provides 1-year guarantee for all types of stone facings. During the warranty term the company removes all faults which may occur. After the term of guarantee expires, Marmodom provides maintenance too.
The company has available in stock a range of various stone facing materials. In this way Marmodom can offer a wide choice to its clients. The facings are manufactured and prepared for installation in the factory which has the needed equipment and qualified staff. The installation of the stone facings is done by a team of skilled workers, using the required equipment.